STK-ID 59942

Assembly plant for electric car ZENN (Zero Emission No Noise) of ZENN Motor Company in St. Jerome. Employees assembling the car. Motor, batteries, electrical outlet and power supply terminal. ZENN Motor Company with assembly line by hand, employees and Zenn cars parked. Employee installing cables on the front of a car (anonymous shot). Employee installing components under the dashboard. Inside the compartment under the hood with different components. Employees working on different parts of a Zenn automobile. Employee connecting electric cables used on the front of the car (anonymous shot). Transmission in the car. Electric supply cable plugged into the power supply terminal of the car (equivalent to the fuel tank of a conventional car). Employee takig the new batteries out of boxes and installing them on the back of the car. Batteries installed inside the vehicle. Various mechanical and electrical parts on tables. Zenn car backing up in the plant. Keywords: ELECTRIC CAR,ST-JEROME,FACTORY


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