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Rows of tents used as homes for the homeless in Paris, France (Quai d''Austerlitz area near La Seine). Barges and bridge of Austerlitz. Tents along the side of a fence, tent on a plot on the banks of the Seine. Tent on a wharf, tents on land on the banks of the Seine. Tents lined up under a bridge. Tents under a bridge. Debris beside a tent. Barge moored on the Seine. Subway cars passing over the bridge of Austerlitz. Homeless (SDF) making a fire to their tents. Barges moored on the Seine. Pont d''Austerlitz. Piece of meat cooking on a grill under a wood fire. SDF sitting on an office chair before the fire. Homeless people standing before the fire. Tent with the inscription "I want a home like everyone else". ZOOM OUT PM tent. Tents on the edge of a bridge. Keywords: PARIS,POVERTY,HOMELESS


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