STK-ID 59975

Details of a flight recorder (black box). Components within a flight recorder (black box). Tape (3M), outside of the box. Orange cover with inscription "Flight recorder - Do not open", which usually covers the components. All components of the black box. Control box Elt (Elt for Emergency Locator Transmitter). Information on the control box. Flight recorder or black box (orange instead) shot from an angle, placed on a table. Information of model flight recorder at the rear of the black box. Underwater acoustic beacon, placed behind the black box. Inscription "flight recorder - Do not open" on the black box. Black box flight recorder. Information on the model of "cockpit voice recorder", on a black box that appears to be a smaller model. Underwater acoustic beacon on the smaller model. Flight recorder of a smaller model. Keywords: CRASH,BLACK BOX,CANADA TRANSPORT SECURITY ,CANADA,AIR TRANSPORT


Excerpt from
5 SUR 5
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Shooting format
HDCAM 29.98fps
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1280 x 720