STK-ID 59977

EXT INT Foundation Mira Sainte-Madeleine (acronym and logo). A blind instructor trains a dog (in the resistance to aggression and stress). Blind walking out with a Mira Labrador Retriever dog. Kennel. EXT, fall (like spring) Facade of the Mira Foundation in Sainte-Madeleine (acronym and logo), the young trainer comes out with three dogs, then enters through another door. The instructor in the kennel brings the dogs in a screened room (large cage). The Labernese and several Golden Labradors play in the cage, the instructor is near them. The trainer puts a leash and a harness on a Golden Labrador. The blind instructor walking on the sidewalk with the golden labrador; he pets it. The dog is lying then sitting quietly on the grass. Keywords: DOMESTIC ANIMAL,DOG,GUIDE DOG,VISUALLY IMPAIRED,MONTEREGIE,CHARITY


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