STK-ID 59978

Outside supermarkets and shopping mall parking lots: Ikea in Ville St. Laurent, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Zellers, RONA L''entrepôt, Home Depot, Archambault, Film Tops, Reno-Depot and Canadian Tire, all in Laval. Consumption. Ikea parking and building in Ville Saint-Laurent, customers enter the building or arrive by car. Wal-Mart parking and building in Laval. Laval Centre parking lot and Best Buy building. Entry of Best Buy with customers entering the store through automatic sliding doors. Home Depot building with Canadian Tire building in the background with parking. Memorial Boulevard and Corbusier intersection Laval with Reno-Depot building and parking. Archambault building. Entrance to the Tops theater. Zellers building and parking. Rona Warehouse building and parking. Customers who transport wood pieces in a parking lot. Client who transfers boxes from a Rona L''entrepôt cart, to the trunk of a car. Keywords: ST.LAURENT DISTRICT,BEST BUY,CANADIAN TIRE,MALL,CENTRE LAVAL,STORE,ARCHAMBAULT GROUP INC.,HOME DEPOT,IKEA,LAVAL,MONTREAL (CITY),RENO-DEPOT,RONA,PARKING,WAL-MART,ZELLERS


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