STK-ID 6288

Canada at war (00/00/1939): MLS of Parliament Buildings, LAMLS of Peace Tower shot between two pilars. Interior HALS of House of Commons during session. Winter shots of Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King coming down steps, entering car. Shot of people reading French poster on wall, CU of La Presse poster headlining "Nos soldats en Angleterre" (Our soldiers in England). CS of Mackenzie King at his desk speaking to camera re Canada's war effort. Winter LS of Government House. Shots of Governor General Lord Tweedsmuir in uniform at his desk, talking with army officers. Shot of soldiers parading in Dominion Square, Montreal. LACU of Union Jack flag flying in wind. MS of soldiers marching down street in Ottawa. MS of Cenotaph. Sequence of World War 1 films showing Canadian soldiers on ship (same as NFB1910-FG-14-21, NFB1910-FG-14-33, NFB1910-FG-14-93, NFB1910-P-104), soldiers and cavalry in parade. MS of gravestones in cemetary. Shot of portraits of war casualties on wall, CU of portrait of Lieutenant AF Gates. MS of Woodrow Wilson in top hat posing on porch of building. LS of Palace of League of Nations in Geneva, shot from across lake. CU of plaque in honour of former US President Woodrow Wilson. Shots of Parliament Buildings, of sailors in street, of seaplane base, of entrance of military base. LS of Detroit skyline. Shot of US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt riding open car with Mackenzie King during visit in 1938. CS of President Roosevelt giving speech re promising that US would defend Canada if Canada was attacked, MS of crowd applauding. LS of Detroit shot from Windsor, Canadian soldier patrolling in immediate foreground. Sequence on Canadian city in wartime showing people boarding streetcar bearing sign re no discussing military matters, soldiers in stores, Salvation Army Headquarters, soldiers writing letters, drinking Coca Cola and dancing in service clubs. ESTABLISHING SHOT of railyard at Union Station in Ottawa. Interior shots of soldiers receiving orders, officers discussing strategy, staff testing gas mask, officers attending banquet. Sequence on troops leaving, filing past train in station, embarking on ship, ship leaving harbour. Shots of pedestrians reading news headlines on wall. Sequence in post office showing clerks filing mail, inspecting and censoring letters, of censors inspecting telegraph communications, censoring films, John Grierson is one of the censors. Shots of Royal Canadian Mounted Police constable patrolling harbour. Winter shots of work camp showing German prisoners at work, relaxing in bunk beds. CU of Red Cross poster. Shots of women at work preparing bundles of clothes.


Excerpt from
Canadian News
Geneva, Detroit (Michigan), Ottawa
National Film Board
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Reel 35 mm, Digital Video Disk, Digital Bétacam
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35mm dupe neg b&w
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