STK-ID 62945

PAN over prairie in winter. Brief shots of snow blowing over prairie. MLS of a grain elevator half obscured by blowing snow, a car drives by. Three shots of morning sky, of flowers on thawing meadows. Two shots of farmer seeding field with Massey-Harris tractor and seeder. Shots of wheat swaying in the wind. Various shots of wheat being harvested with combines. Shots of truck driving to grain elevator, of wheat being dumped, etc., three shots of steam train speeding by camera with elevator (Tisdale) in background, prairie, railway station. Brief HAMWS of Vancouver: shots of docked ships, of wheat pouring into hold. MWS across river of Montreal seen from Saint-Helen’s Island. Shots of freighter and grain being loaded. Sequence showing grain loading facilities at Fort Churchill, freighters, wheat being loaded. HASs of Port Arthur. MLS of wheat fields, of wheat swaying in the wind.


Excerpt from
Canadian Wheat
Vancouver Island, Thunder Bay, Montreal
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm color master pos, 16mm color print
Aspect ratio