STK-ID 6350

Shot of Matthew Halton, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation commentator in uniform introducing corporal Fred Mallette of the Seaforth Highlander of Vancouver and chatting with him about the Battle of Ortona. GROUND TO AIR SHOT of hundreds of paratroopers landing in practice jump in England. CU of paratrooper controlling his parachute after landing. Shots of paratroopers assembled near their plane, of officer talking to them about Victory Bond Drive. Shots of CBC man chatting with soldier. Montreal CBC commentator Paul Parent talking to Royal 22e Regiment Sergeant Florian Côté of Montreal about the battle of Ortana. Shots of Lieutenant General K Sturat, Chief of the General Staff, speaking about the Victory Loan. (00/12/1943, 00/01/1944)


Excerpt from
Canadians Speak About The War
Ortona, England, Montreal
National Film Board
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