STK-ID 6763

Brief shots of loading operations in Montreal Harbour. LAMLS of man clinging to top of mast, repairing something. Shots of ice-covered water, icebreaker "NB McLean" steaming closer, ramming through ice as seen from iced-in "Transontario", icebreaker breaking ice along ship. Shots of water and pieces of ice being kicked up by powerful screws, of icebreaker moving close to camera ship. Shot of superstructure of the "Transontario" from bow. MS of stubby bow of lake freighter "Coniscliffe Hall" creeping along in canal, pushing ice and slush ahead, TILT UP to superstructure of ship and shot of stern at water level. HAS of traffic crossing canal from top of lift-bridge, PAN to frozen canal and to freighter "Coniscliffe Hall" behind closed lock gates, snow falling. Various CUs of ice, prow of ship, lock gates opening against ice pressure. Shot of men trying to chip ice away with long poles. TRAVELLING SHOT straight ahead down Lachine Canal, slushy channel extending ahead of ship. Vertical HAS along prow, of prow cutting freezing slush. Various shots of parts of camera ship as it moves along in canal, of ships at docks. Shots of men trying to free the "Coniscliffe Hall" from the ice. Low AERIAL SHOTs of the "Transontario" stuck in ice. MSs of car with dented fender.


Excerpt from
Canal Freeze-Up
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio