STK-ID 6835

MLS of John Caufield, NFB technician at production, walking on sidewalks and crossing a street in a residential district. MCS, CS of John Caufield sitting in a bus. Medium backview shot of the bus driver at work. CS of Mr. Caufield, MS of him walking out at NFB bus stop with vehicular traffic on Metropolitain boulevard in background, and entering NFB building. Various shots in electrical department of John Caufield at work ploughing in electric belts, checking lighting equipment, of him standing by his work table and making himself a coffee. Various shots from different angles of John Caufielfd and lots of NFB employees sitting at a long table, celebrating with Mr. Caufield for his retirement, of all people in another NFB room, of John Caufield looking at slides, party atmosphere, of John Caufield receiving gifts with people all around. (00/06/1975).


Excerpt from
Chronique de la vie quotidienne
National Film Board
Restriction Information
*, *, N, F, B, , u, s, e, , o, n, l, y, , -, , W, e, b, , v, i, s, i, b, i, l, i, t, y, , N, o, *, *
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
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