STK-ID 7005

Continuation of Sir Winston Churchill's speech: Sir Winston Churchill relates some of his dealings with the defeatist French High Command before the French surrender and culminates with his "some chicken, some neck" crack. Sir Winston Churchill speaks of the steadfastness and courage of the Dutch in the East Indies against the Japanese and of the resolve of the United States and the United Kingdom to help, of the Vichy French being toyed with by the Germans, playing Hitler's game, of the courageous fighting French and of general Charles De Gaulle. He goes on to speak of England fighting by herself and with the Empire for a year, of the Russian and their fighting leader Stalin (applause), of general Auchihleck beating the Germans in Egypt, of the work of the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, and of the British army in Libya. He mentions the entry of the US into the fray. Sir Winston Churchill ends his speech by saying "...whatever the cost, whatever the suffering, we shall stand by one another, true and faithful comrades and do our duty, God helping us, to the end". (30/12/1941)


Excerpt from
Churchill's visit to Canada
National Film Board
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