STK-ID 71397

Series of scenic and beauty shots of rural central Alberta; MWSs of red sunset over silhouette of treeline. Shots of dramatic bluish night sky at dusk. Shots of bright moon in dark sky. Shots of sunset and farm buildings. Shots of fields and fence line. CUS of wildflowers and wheat plants in field with children walking through plants. MWS of sunset with clouds stretching out in sky. PAN across sky at sunset. Dramatic shots of sky and clouds. MWS of canola field at dusk. MS of bales of hay in sunlight. Shots looking down gravel rural road. MSs through heat shimmers of railway cars parked on track. MLS of hopper railcars on track with clear sky above.


Excerpt from
The Auctioneer
Alberta Heartland
National Film Board
Available formats
Born Digital
Shooting format
P2 Card
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
1920 x 1080