STK-ID 72070

VARIOUS SHOTS in winter of the medium-security penitentiary in La Macaza in Quebec. Visible are one of its guard towers and barbed-wire fences. In the centre of the main yard, an authentic tipi has been erected, visible through the wire fence. Details of the wire fence topped with barbed wire and a guard tower are visible. Seen through the wire fence, a man crosses the yard. The shot travels in a car along the outside of the penitentiary, revealing various buildings and parts of the security system. In a light snowfall, a man approaches the main gate and stops. He waits, the sliding gate opens, a woman enters the yard, and the gate closes. The man eventually enters too.


Excerpt from
Ojigkwanong - Rencontre avec un sage algonquin
La Macaza
National Film Board
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Born Digital
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720 x 486