STK-ID 72156

Clip of a roadside check at the Israeli-Palestinian border. People move along corridors made from cement blocks, chain-link fences and barbed wire. Most are women wearing veils, children and a few men. MCS of the same soldier questioning a man and asking to see his papers. MWS of vehicles at the border. A green-and-white bus follows a tanker truck. MS of a man trying to direct traffic at the entrance to the border crossing. Vehicles move chaotically and a traffic jam forms. MCS of pedestrians walking toward the border. ESTABLISHING SHOT of the horizon, ZOOM OUT to the border crossing. MWS of a small red car stopped beside a military jeep. MS of an armed soldier getting out of the jeep and motioning to the driver. MWS of a soldier searching the trunk of a car before letting it pass. MS of people arguing in the middle of a traffic jam. MS of a group of children in school uniforms moving through the traffic. MS of a soldier behind sandbags.


Excerpt from
Diameter of the Bomb
Palestine, Israel
National Film Board
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