STK-ID 72157

ESTABLISHING SHOT of abandoned bus wrecks in a deserted part of Jerusalem, with the city and mountains visible in the background. Various shots of olive trees. MWS of a fenced-off road leading to a roadside checkpoint. MWS of the white-bricked facades of apartment buildings, with two young children walking in the street in front. MWS of a mosque and the fluorescent lights on its tower. ESTABLISHING SHOT of the city, taken from a mountain, with the sun setting beneath a cloud-covered sky. MWS of an observation post on the roof of a business located near the Israeli-Palestinian border. The camera tightens in on the observation post, where two armed soldiers can be seen eating and talking. MWS of a concrete wall and barbed wire at the Israeli-Palestinian border. The camera tightens in on graffiti of a swastika inside a Star of David. MWS of another graffiti of a boy on a bicycle. ZOOM IN. The graffiti is partly covered in barbed wire.


Excerpt from
Diameter of the Bomb
National Film Board
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Born Digital
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1920 x 1080