STK-ID 72225

Various shots of men in wetsuits around Sea-Doos in Quebec City marina. Man closes storage compartment of one of the watercraft. Some ten Sea-Doos leave marina in a group and ride on river. Sea-Doos are all the same colour and riders all wear the same wetsuit. They speed along close to shore. Some talk back and forth while riding. Two of them perform acrobatics while riding. They pass under Quebec Bridge. One Sea-Doo intentionally lands on beach. Rider’s hands turn handlebars connected to jet pump at rear that steers the craft. People gather round for a close look. Others take photos. A Bombardier company truck, manufacturer of the Sea-Doo, enters Trois-Rivières marina to await arrival of the Sea-Doos. Two of them brake sharply near the dock. They change the gas tank, which takes almost no time. Rider turns key in ignition of his Sea-Doo and takes off. The group leaves the marina together and returns to river. They pass in front of Our Lady of the Cape Shrine. One of the Sea-Doos passes close to freighter sailing on river. The group comes back together and enters Quebec City marina and lands. Riders are met by small group of people, including women who hug them.


Excerpt from
Trois-Rivières, Quebec City
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio