STK-ID 72458

Various shots: Man walking in Canadian city through fairly empty streets. Inside bakery, he performs various bread-making activities. Focus out. Now in Germany, where large group of people is sitting around table with grandmother. They are talking, eating and drinking tea. Young mother is surrounded by her three children. These people walk toward automobile, carrying suitcases and packages. They load them in trunk. Neighbours are watching and waving. Young mother and three children leave, waving goodbye. At Düsseldorf Airport, young mother and three children board Trans-Canada Airlines four-engined plane. Stewardess takes good care of the children. On runway, propellers stop turning. Everyone leaves plane. Inside terminal, the young mother and children are met by the baker, who is the husband and father. In residential neighbourhood on tree-lined street, the young mother comes out of house with the three children. With other people, they cross street, where traffic is stopped by school crossing guard. They arrive at a place with many parents and children. They enter building. The young mother, surrounded by her three children, answers questions asked by woman sitting behind table and filling out a form. In class, the young mother’s little girl and boy each stand up in turn and give their name to teacher, who writes it on board with chalk. Students take book from their desks and start working. The little boy seems to be having difficulty and the teacher comes to see him. In kindergarten, the mother’s youngest child is doing stretching exercises following teacher’s instructions. Children play various games. The parents run errands, filling basket with food. Back home, they put things away in fridge. The young mother goes into living room where husband is sitting and shakes a letter which she hands to him. As he reads her the letter, while smoking cigarette, she sticks stamps on sheets of paper. Husband gets up and goes to window. He calls the young mother to join him. Their three children run toward the house, climb stairs from garden and veranda and enter house.


Excerpt from
New Canadians
Canada, Düsseldorf
National Film Board
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Reel 35 mm
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35mm print b&w
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