STK-ID 72481

Shots of a small village near Tirana, Albania. MWS of a mountain, TILT DOWN HAS of a woman leading a herd of cows. MWS of a stream in a valley, ZOOM OUT PAN of a tomato field with numerous wooden stakes and a wire fence. MWS of a small cemetery on a mountain, several damaged white tombstones scattered among trees. MWS of a country house beneath large trees. TILT DOWN on a barbed wire fence. MWS of a man crossing a stream in a valley, TILT DOWN ESTABLISHING SHOT of a group of small houses and farmland. MWS of a house in the mountains, a snow-covered peak visible in the background. MWS of a shepherd sitting amidst his sheep. ESTABLISHING SHOT of a small village deep in the mountains. MWS of the village architecture. The exterior walls of many houses are painted in bright pastels (pink, yellow, green).


Excerpt from
National Film Board
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Born Digital
Shooting format
HDCAM 23.98fps
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1920 x 1080