STK-ID 72506

Various shots of Northern Manitoba. AERIAL SHOT of Island Lake, moving toward the Northland Fish Ltd. fish processing plant on the Savage Islands. A motor boat steers around the lake’s many islands. A Cessna floatplane is tied to one of the docks. A Native is sitting in the stern of his motorboat. The Caucasian pilot of a Fairchild F-11 Husky floatplane open’s the aircraft’s door. The plane seems so heavily loaded that he has to step over bags to get out. Two Native fishermen approach the dock in a motorboat. They unload wooden crates filled with fish and packed with ice. Three workers from the fish plant unload the bags of fish from the Fairchild F-11 Husky and place them on a dolly. They roll it to the plant, one pulling the other pushing. Inside the plant, two Native workers wearing rubber gloves transfer the ice-covered fish from one box to another, watched by a government inspector, a Native, and a man wearing glasses and a white lab coat. The man in the lab coat weighs the box. The two workers remove it from the scale. Fish placed on a rising conveyor belt pass through a jet of water before falling onto a long counter. A number of Natives, men and women, are at the counter, cutting off the fishes’ heads, cleaning them, and cutting them in two. Farther along in the same room, uniformed Natives are filleting the fish. A Caucasian government inspector in a white lab coat observes their work. The fish filets are packed tightly into large rectangular containers and covered with plastic film. A large Northland Airlines Ltd. Canadian Vickers PBV-1A Canso flying boat lands near the processing plant. Four Native plant workers take a break outside to smoke. The Canso approaches the dock. A Caucasian man standing on the flying boat’s nose throws a mooring line, which is caught by people on the dock. Plant workers come down the dock to the flying boat with a dolly filled with cardboard boxes. The Native workers load wooden boxes of fish in the plane’s hold. In the back of the hold, Native workers, one wearing glasses, pass the boxes to each other and pile them methodically inside the plane. “Fresh Frozen Fillets Product of Canada” can be read on the boxes. A Native woman has a baby on her back in a traditional baby sling. The Canso gathers speed, takes off alongside an island.


Excerpt from
Manitoba Fishing Native
Island Lake (town), Savage Islands
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio