STK-ID 72509

Various shots of the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan. A man wearing a cap shines shoes in a makeshift stall on the sidewalk. Cyclists, vehicles and pedestrians pass by without stopping. Shot of a busy avenue with an imposing dome in the distance, over which flies a large Afghanistan flag, and a minaret. Vehicles and bicycles travel in both directions on a wide avenue. People cross on foot. Silhouetted behind the minaret are the peaks of the Hindu-Kush mountains, which surround the Kabul valley. Vehicles and bicycles travel toward the camera along a street whose sidewalks are filled with tiny stalls. Many people walk in the street to get by them. A man crosses the street pushing a wheelbarrow. Vehicles and bicycles travel along a wide avenue, at the end of which is a mosque with a dome and two minarets, with peaks of the Hindu Kush mountains in the background. Pedestrians cross the street at a busy intersection. Vehicles try to forge a path through them. At another intersection, traffic is heavy. In the foreground, a group of men, sitting and standing, is talking.


Excerpt from
The Boxing Girls of Kabul
National Film Board
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Born Digital
Shooting format
P2 Card
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1920 x 1080