STK-ID 72570

Various shots of cars driving by houses on Route 132 along the St. Lawrence River in the Manche d’Épée region of the Gaspé Peninsula. The seashore and a cliff can be seen. The shot lingers on houses constructed on an embankment along the road and on the beach, which is seen from various angles. On the pebble beach cluttered with driftwood are two mooring bitts with concrete bases. View of a house in the village of Manche d’Épée, with a glassed-in portico and the stairs leading up to it. Shot of the seashore and the cliffs that border the village. Further along Route 132 is the lovely little village church and the rectory behind it. A large semi-trailer truck hauling wood planks drives through the village along Route 132. The shot lingers on various businesses along the main street, including a Gaz-O-Bar garage and a building bearing the name “Magasin général.” A yellow building that looks to be an abandoned motel can also be seen. Trucks pass by, and one of them stops in front of the Gaz-O-Bar. From Route 132, houses of Manche d’Épée along the seashore and a landscape of farm fields, woods, and cliffs can be seen.


Excerpt from
Le cabinet du docteur Ferron
Manche-d'Épée (Hamlet)
National Film Board
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