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VARIOUS SHOTS taken in Ebenezer Tabernacle Apostolic Church in Verdun. On a platform, a black woman sings a hymn accompanied by two female backup singers and a drummer. The congregation, standing in the pews, sing along and clap their hands or bang on a tambourine. Many are moving to the rhythm of the music. The pastor, Hopeton Morris, standing to one side of the platform, leads the congregation in the singing, clapping along enthusiastically. In the front of the church, the pastor preaches animatedly. He approaches three women standing before him, hands raised up. Still preaching he proffers his microphone to one of the women and places his palm on the forehead of another. As if in a trance, she sways to the rhythm of the pressure of the pastor’s hand, responding to his prayers, and finally falls to the ground, where she continues to move around. The pastor stands up and beckons to one of the other woman around the one on the ground and now places his hand on her forehead, chanting. She responds but stays upright. Behind a lectern near the pastor, a crying, distraught woman beats her breast. The women help the one on the ground to stand. Hands still raised, she prays fervently with those holding her up.


Excerpt from
D'où je viens
Verdun (borough)
National Film Board
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P2 Card
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