STK-ID 72812

STATIC SHOTS in Verdun of car and foot traffic on Verdun Street at different times of the day. The tower of Place-Ville-Marie, the dome of Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral, and other tall buildings in Montréal are visible in the distance. A STATIC SHOT shows the Lachine rapids in the fall with the Montréal skyline silhouetted in the background. A RIGHT-TO-LEFT PAN starts from the Champlain Bridge, moves upstream along the Lachine rapids, shows tall buildings and woodlands on Nun’s Island (Île des Sœurs), and ends with a silhouette of the Montréal skyline. A STATIC SHOT of the setting sun shows a bicycle path with a water tower and the Montréal skyline in the background. A STATIC SHOT shows the rear of three-story apartment buildings in Verdun with exterior spiral staircases, and the silhouetted skyline of Montréal in the background. A STATIC SHOT at night of car traffic on Verdun Street and the illuminated skyline of Montréal.


Excerpt from
D'où je viens
Lachine Rapids, Nun's Island, Verdun (borough)
National Film Board
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Born Digital
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P2 Card
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1920 x 1080