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VARIOUS SHOTS in the Ebenezer Tabernacle Apostolic Church in Verdun. The black pastor Hopeton Morris preaches animatedly, walking in front of the pews where the congregation is seated. A child is filming him. He waves a white cloth in his right hand as he preaches. A women is standing, her arms held up toward heaven and, like the other members of the congregation, reacts to his preaching. While a man and a woman hold up a white cloth in front of him, he continues to preach and gesticulate. A woman approaches and cuts the cloth in two with scissors while the pastor preaches. The man and woman holding the cloth stay on either side of the pastor, each holding half of the cloth. A woman, whose head the pastor had taken in his hands, falls to the ground, crying and praying. She is held down so as not to harm herself, and the pastor gesticulates around her, preaching. The woman, continuing to pray, stands up in front of the pastor, who continues preaching, placing his hand on her head. A woman supports her from behind so she doesn’t fall. Another woman, who had fallen previously, is being cared for by two women.


Excerpt from
D'où je viens
Verdun (borough)
National Film Board
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