STK-ID 7302

CU of "Canadian Open Seagram's Gold Cup" sign. Several shots of players including Bill Ezinicki, Chuch Congdon, Dutch Harrison, Wess, Herman Keiser, all driving, Jim Turnosa intercut with shot of crowd, Dick Metz, Stan Horne, "Skip" Alexander, Lawson Little, Fred Wood (in cap), Jerry Barber, Vic Chezzi, Bob Gray. Shots of crowd walking, of Bill Kerr driving. Two shots of Ezinicki missing long putt, sinking ball on second try. Shots of Freddy Haas, of Congdon and of Kesselring. CU of ball hitting green. Harrison chipping, ball rolling past cup. Metz sinking putt. Two shots of Stan Horne and of Lawson Little sinking putt on second try. Shot of onlookers. Jerry Barber playing between trees. Crowd walking through woods. Shots of Clayton Haefner and of Lawson Little playing iron. Fred Haas driving, Fred Hawkins playing iron shot. Two shots of Metz playing out of sand trap, Harrison (cap) playing iron shots. Crowd walking. Haefner putting on 18th green, crowd around green. Jim Turnesa playing onto green, Hawkins blasting out of trap onto 18th green. Two shots of Gray putting. Dutch Harrison sinking short putt to win match. Shots of crowd. Two shots of Bill Kerr putting onto 18th green. Shots of Frowde Seagram presenting cup, of Harrison with cup. (27/06/1949)


Excerpt from
Canadian Open Golf
National Film Board
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