STK-ID 7399

HASs of Mary Queen of the World Cathedral on Dominion Square. LAS of facade of cathedral. Shots of 2nd battalion of Royal 22e Regiment marching on Dorchester Avenue, forming up. CU of Royal 22e Regiment shoulder flash and United Nations Force insignia. Sequence on men entering cathedral for service. Shots of Christ Church Cathedral, crowd in front, of Black Watch pipe band parading past camera to cathedral. Shots of men entering church, of Minister of Defence Brooke Claxton and General Morton entering cathedral. Shots of Royal Montreal Regiment parading, men, tanks and light vehicles including mobile artillery. Several shots of parade, different units marching past reviewing stand, Brigadier JV Allard, Commander of Special Force Brigadier Rockingham, Major General Morton, Mayor Camilien Houde, Minister of Defence Brooke Claxton, JO Asselin and Air Vice Marchal Raymond reviewing on stand. Several LSs of 2nd Battalion of Royal Canadian Regiment marching on parade square, Lieutenant Colonel Bingham, Officer Commander of Regiment turning over documents to Lieutenant Colonel Kean, Special Force Commmander. Shot of Claxton delivering speech. Shot of Special Force led by Colonel Kean parading by reviewing stand. Shots of Brooke Claxton, General Foulkes and others on stand, Petawawa. (20/10/1950)


Excerpt from
Canada's Special Brigade on Parade
Montreal, Petawawa
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio