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In this first programme Robert Zend and Canadian poet John Robert Colombo discuss McLaren – a bit confusing at times, as Colombo tries to present his five faces of McLaren. McLaren knew Colombo a little. Colombo published one of his “found” poems, An Alphabet of Quotations, in a special edition with one of McLaren’s Guild of Graphic Artists serigraphs. I (Don McWilliams) remember Norman telling me that he was somewhat perplexed, not seeing any relationship between his piece of art and Colombo’s piece. The title of the edition was 1 + 1. Then there are two brief interventions from Carol Ann Davidson and Albert Kish of the NFB. Albert says that the NFB is divided into five parts English Production, French Production, English Animation, French Animation, and Norman McLaren. The portrait of McLaren from these two is of the seemingly solitary, shy man, yet a person of warmth when you meet him. He is not a discoverer, he is an inventor of filmmaking methods. There is then an interview with Norman, in which he describes his beginnings.


Excerpt from
Norman McLaren's Archives and Personal Files
McLaren Collection
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