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This is an interview with Dr. M.M. Chaudhni. I (Don McWilliams) have not been able to find any reference to the interviewer on the internet. My guess is that the interview took place in 1971 when the interviewer was visiting Canada. It is hard to guess his background, but he seems quite knowledgeable, and Norman is pleasant with him, and, although not containing any new material, is clear and informative. It is a very useful interview done at a very difficult time of Norman’s life. This is a summary of the content. McLaren speaks of his beginnings and inspirations e.g. metamorphosis from Cohl. He discusses hand made filmmaking; then pixillation, including the gestation of NEIGHBOURS (which I feel is a bit inaccurate – but no harm done), his feelings about the Communists when he was in China. He talks about CHAIRY TALE – the string puppet film. And he is very good on his collaboration with Ravi Shankar. There is then a discussion of BALLET ADAGIO his current project. The back to hand-made film with children. And finally a discussion of his time in India with UNESCO teaching audio-visual aids. And, yes, he would be happy to return to India.


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