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CAMERA THREE PRESENTS NORMAN MCLAREN FILM ARTIST. The host is James MacAndrew; writer is Stephan Chodorov and it was produced and directed by Merrill Brockway. This VHS is without TC and 30 mins. (dub form master, original broadcast 1970) Begins with BOOGIE DOODLE followed by introduction and then interview with William Sloan begins. Sloan, at that time, was editor of Film Library Quarterly and Film Director of Donnel Library, New York City.Norman is quite relaxed; but perhaps because Sloan is a friend. First discussion focuses on abstract drawing on film and the drawn synthetic sound. There are excerpts from LOOPS, DOTS, BEGONE DULL CARE and RYTHMETIC. They then discuss the cut-out making of RYTHMETIC. The technique of POULETTE GRISE and pixillation. We then have excerpts from POULETTE GRISE, NEIGHBOURS and CANOn. A discussion of PAS DE DEUX and an excerpt from the film. A lot in 30 minutes.


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Norman McLaren's Archives and Personal Files
McLaren Collection
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