STK-ID 76507

D000235.000 and D000236.000 Two laserdiscs of McLaren films. In the early 1980’s Toshifumi Kawahara, a Japanese producer, released a videodisc with McLaren’s agreement. It contained several of his films. McLaren was delighted with the results. As he watched the disc, he enthused about BLINKITY BLANK. That was how he wanted it to look – the brilliance he wanted. And the value of this new medium to students and animators! One could look at a film frame by frame with none of the quality loss one got from an editing machine or from a VCR machine. McLaren wrote, in part, to the LaserDisc Corporation. N.McL.: I have just been at the NFB, and have seen and heard the disc. The visual quality in terms of contrast, density, chroma and hue is very accurate. The purity and clarity of the colour appeared to be better than that of many 35mm optical prints I have seen. For example in “Blinkity-Blank “, where the colour distinction between the two flashing creatures is critical for their identification, the tone-value & saturation of the red and the cyan is perfect. Of course, it is a great satisfaction for me to know that you have put my work into a form that is permanent, & will stand the ravages of time. The videodisc has gone the way of the dodo, replaced by other digital formats; but the NFB should keep this interesting historical document.


Excerpt from
Norman McLaren's Archives and Personal Files
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