STK-ID 76702

FI12848.016 CP 16mm neg1) Graphics – Blurrs and multiplied imagery that I (Don McWilliams) was planning to use in a blurr sequence in CP, but dropped from film. Also Norman on Stirling lawn with c/u of face; Indian artwork; family photos; some photos from Shapiro home in New York, Hand-made cinema drawing; NFB wartime photos, McLaren in China and India; lunch with Alexeieffs in Paris. Norman playing with the Alexeieff pinscreen in Paris; more McLaren UNESCO in India; animators working on Pinscreen - 16mm negative Pinscreen footage with Paul Bochner, McLaren, Leaf, Larkin and Alexeiff; some drawings, more McL in China. McL drawings. McLaren at NFB.


Excerpt from
Norman McLaren's Archives and Personal Files
McLaren Collection