STK-ID 76838

FI12796.026 JACK PARR CREDIT TITLES 35 mm positive. McLaren and Lambart’s RYTHMETIC was seen by Jack Parr who was the host of the late night TV talk show on NBC. He was a very intelligent, mercurial man. He asked McLaren to do a title sequence for a special Jack Parr Presents. McLaren and Lambart did a very playful thing with the letters making up new words and outrageous puns. The final images are of a comma pursuing Jack Parr. Unfortunately, we do not have the live imagery. We have only the comma. McLaren enjoyed doing it and commented that he and Lambart were surprised at how much they were paid. It was not unusual for McLaren to be approached by Madison Avenue and Hollywood; but he always turned them down. But somehow the playfulness of this offer and the very short production time (I think two or three weeks) appealed to him. And I (Don McWilliams) think he warmed to Jack Parr.


Excerpt from
Norman McLaren's Archives and Personal Files
McLaren Collection