STK-ID 76843

FI12809.001 Opening Speech #2. Positive This is outs from Opening Speech. Valuable. There are two constituents – a long elaborate sequence with stage hands and several ladders. And a long sequence with recalcitrant spectacles. Both are unedited. For me, the first is not funny. It was dropped because it distracted from the main idea of the film. The second - the spectacles – it seems to be partially edited and contains footage not in FI12779.007. It is funny. But McLaren and Arthur Lipsett decided it, too, would distract from the purity of the film, which was a story of man and uncooperative microphone. There is also a lot of takes of McLaren’s notes being dropped on the floor. It is a very interesting roll, and there are some visible clapper boards that tell us that some shooting is done at 16 FPS. 700 feet. This roll is not in the best of shape, so should be digitized. Prod. # 60-213


Excerpt from
Norman McLaren's Archives and Personal Files
McLaren Collection