STK-ID 77252

FI13027.035 Narcissus – T148 – tests kindred to FI13027.032 the back and forth or rock and roll or shuttle tests as it was variously called. We never actually used the simple technique in the film; but I (Don McWilliams) liked it a lot. I call it simple, but Norman was very good at picking the dance movements, which would look good in this technique, and also at choosing the number of frames forward and how many back. There is a second test – the crucifix/cruciform with a halo around the figure. Narcissus stood as though crucified. We shot several tests of this. But Norman quickly realised that the Crucifix was a very blatant metaphor; and decided to drop the idea. The scene was to be very close to the end of the film.


Excerpt from
Norman McLaren's Archives and Personal Files
McLaren Collection