STK-ID 77273

FI13034.034 Narcissus 35mm B/W Roll One Gaetan in B/W walking , stopping to do down on knees and think, more walking. 185 feet. Roll Two 35mm Hi-Con. There is then an opticalled hi-con roll of 120 feet where Gaetan is now walking with himself. We would make hi-cons, say four copies of the same material, and sandwich them together in the moviola gate. We could offset each copy a certain number of frames and play them. We could do all sorts of different offsets. This was a way to testing how things would look without going to all the trouble and expense of shooting on regular colour stock. We would shoot the hi-con copy and it would be processed in 20 minutes. So we shoot several hi-con copies of the same material in the morning and have them to play with in the the PM. The advantage of hi-con is that the film is very thin and we could sandwich several copies in the gate of the moviola. I (Don McWilliams) think five was our maximum. The only problem is that hi-cons are very fragile and sooner, rather than later, they would tear. But they were a wonderful tool (and more fun than Adobe After Effects).


Excerpt from
Norman McLaren's Archives and Personal Files
McLaren Collection