STK-ID 7965

Conservative Convention (30/09/1948): shots of candidates posing with their wives on platform, posing alone as photographers snap pictures. LSs of VIP's on platform standing at attention as national anthem is played (silent). LSs of delegates standing for national anthem and prayer (silent). Shot of chairman MacDonnell bringing convention to order. Snatches of English and French speech (sound) by chairman re organization of convention. LAMCSs of delegates on their feet applauding, cheering. Shot of John Bracken advancing to podium, being beaten to it by Lionel Choquette who initiates a cheer for the leader. Sequence on John Bracken speaking about his tenure of office as leader of the party, about his wishes for success for the party (sound). He implies that the country could be better managed, he castigates anti-christian tendencies regarding racial relationships. Several shots of Bracken speaking (silent). Shots of Bracken giving his farewell speech (sound). HAS over attendance standing and applauding.


Excerpt from
Conservative Convention
National Film Board
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Reel 35 mm, Born Digital, ProRes
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16mm fine grain b&w
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2048x1556, 1920 x 1080