STK-ID 8315

Sequence on workers assisting crane operator, attaching crane pulley to girder, to form plate. Shot of workers hauling up upright girder in pulley hoist. MCS of worker sporting steel helmet signalling skyward with his hand. TILT DOWN from river to penstocks and turbine housing under contruction. PAN from rocks along shore of river to rapids. HAS of penstocks and turbine housing. Shot of carpenters at work on skeleton structure of penstocks, turbine housing. CU of shirtless worker hammering, shirted worker axing plank. TILT DOWN from workers on superstructure to truck at foot. PAN from trees on riverbank to half built dam. PAN from workers at foot of dam to rapids, fast current. PAN from car driving towards dam site to HAS of part of skeleton forms of dam. CS of steam shovel scooping up earth, depositing it in truck. CS of water swirling around rocks. Shots of worker loosening forms from cement wall. LS of trucks approaching dam site on road. PAN to MLS of half-built dam. MLS of workers using drills to break rock pile. PAN along centre section of dam in construction. Shots of workmen working on girder framework. PAN from girder framework to penstock, turbine housing. Sequence on turbine housing rim being lowered into position as worker directs crane operator. Shot of night activity at dam.


Excerpt from
Des Joachims
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio