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Continued from Shot No. 55381 (Part 13/15 of speech): WAS of Prime Minister John Diefenbaker concluding his speech to the United Nations Assembly on September 26, 1960. Transcript is as follows: "We suggest that experts, in an experts' bank, if you will, might be recruited for medicine, public health, sanitation, public welfare, distribution of supplies, communications, transportation, and police services. To set up an experts' bank would make for administrative stability instead of having to rely on crash recruiting campaign for this purpose after the need arises. One matter which Canada has pressed in the past, and which I now repeat, is in the field of providing aid through food contributions. The problem of feeding the millions of chronically hungry and under-nourished peoples of the world is tragic and urgent. Some of our countries have tremendous surpluses of cereals and other foodstuffs. We also have the capacity to increase our production greatly. Canada's surplus of wheat, as of July 31, was 536 million bushels. Mr. President, surplus food, piled up in sterile storage, is hard to justify when so many human beings lack adequate food and nutrition. I realize, as the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) has stated, that agricultural surpluses of the more advanced countries would only be temporary relief and therefore would be incomplete. I believe, however, that much must be done on behalf of food-deficit countries, first to help them in their hour of need and then to help them raise their own levels of production. This to me is the responsibility of the United Nations as a whole, to meet this challenge.A few countries cannot underwrite the costs of transferring their surpluses to the countries in need. What we need is to join together in contributing to a solution of truly world-wide scope to this problem of the world's suffering and starving peoples. We have tried to do that. We have no ambitions internationally. We covet no country, we want to change no country's views. We have made available in wheat and flour to under-developed countries aid in the amount of 56 million dollars. I now welcome and commend the suggestion made by the President of the United States last week that the Assembly should seriously consider devising a workable plan along the lines of the "Food for Peace" programme. We envisage a "food bank" to provide food to Member states through the United Nations."Continued in Shot No. 55382.


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