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Continued from Shot No. 55387 (Part 10/15 of speech): MCU of Prime Minister John Diefenbaker continuing his speech to the United Nations Assembly on September 26, 1960. Transcript is as follows:"We do not lack appropriate machinery but we do lack mutual confidence and a general will on the part of the Soviet government to negotiate. That confidence can be increased by dispelling the kind of secrecy which clouds preparations for war and fills the hearts of men with fear of surprise attack. Canada is the nearest neighbour of the USA and the USSR. Our people fear, and the people of the USA fear, a surprise attack across the polar regions. No doubt the people of the USSR fear an attack from our side. Canada is prepared to make available for international inspection and control any part of Canadian arctic territory in exchange for a comparable concession on the part of the USSR. They say that we prepare, in cooperation with the United States in our Arctic areas, to attack. I give them the opportunity now to have an answer to their fears. You open your areas, and we will open ours, and that source of fear will be removed. Sir, I find it difficult to understand, if it was reported correctly, why Mr. Krushchev should have taken the view the day before yesterday that a resumption of disarmament talks should be conditional, among other things, upon the acceptance of demands by the Soviet Union for fundamental changes in the 10-Power Committee and in the office of the Chief Executive of the United Nations. What other kind of measures might be undertaken? I have frequently had occasion to urge publicly the end of nuclear weapons, the systematic control of missiles designed to deliver nuclear weapons of mass destruction, the designation and inspection of launching sights for missiles, the abolition of biological and chemical weapons, the outlawing of outer space for military purposes and, especially, a ban on the mounting of armaments on orbital satellites..." Continued in Shot No. 55388.


Excerpt from
Diefenbaker's Speech at the United Nations
New York (city)
National Film Board
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