STK-ID 8658

Dominion Ski Championships (Banff, Alberta, 05/03/1948): shots of skier crossing finish line, of judges and timers. FOLLOW SHOTs of #5 Peter Johnson, of #25 Andy Kassa, #32 Haakenstad, #37 Bob Sutherland, #43 Jim Loutin, #50 Ed Christensen, #58 Jack Legatt, #61 Sam Wormington. Skiers crossing finish line. In women's slalom race, #2 Eleanor Boyle misses flag and has to go back. FOLLOW SHOTs of #3 Joey Abbey, #4 Lucille Wheeler, 13 year old skier from Saint-Jovite, who won Junior titles and placed second in women's slalom, #5 Dorothy Burden. CU of Peter Johnson, winner of slalom. Several FOLLOW SHOTs of jumping event from top of jump, from bottom. Shots of #15 Art Johnson waxing skis. FOLLOW SHOT of Johnson jumping, of #17 Set Erstrom jumping. Several shots of jumping from variety of positions, top of slide, bottom, beside jump off. FOLLOW SHOT of #16 Noel Paul of the Amber Ski Club in Princeton, British Columbia making winning jump of 192 feet. CU of Noel Paul posing.


Excerpt from
Dominion Ski Championships
National Film Board
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Digital Bétacam, Reel 35 mm, Digital Video Disk
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35mm fine grain b&w
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