STK-ID 8659

[Remark: the Dominion-Provincial Conference held in Ottawa, was deemed a success and was attended by a record number of delegates (05/10/1955).] MCS of Peace Tower, clock at 9:10 AM as seen from East Block. Shot of Parliament Buildings and Peace Tower from Wellington Street. MS of Honourable William Andrew Bennett, Premier of British Columbia and his party arriving on foot. CS of Bennett, MS of Honourable Hugh John Flemming, Premier of New Brunswick and his party arriving, CS of Flemming. MCS of Honourable Thomas Clement Douglas, Premier of Saskatchewan. Various shots including CS of Honourable Maurice Duplessis, Premier of Quebec, and a friend. Shot of delegates and Premiers entering Parliament and sitting for conference. Shot of Mayor Charlotte Whitton of Ottawa, Premier of Quebec Maurice Duplessis and Premier of Ontario Leslie Frost entering. Shot of the three, Whitton, Duplessis and Frost laughing and talking. Shot of R Goldenberg of British Columbia, TC Douglas and the Honourable Garson chatting. Shot of Premier Joseph Smallwood of Newfoundland and Honourable John Pickersgill talking. PAN of Premiers of ten provinces and prime minister Louis Saint-Laurent sitting at conference table. MCS PAN from Louis Saint-Laurent to Honourable Maurice Duplessis. Various shots of premiers as conference continues, of Louis Saint-Laurent chatting with Leslie Frost, Maurice Duplessis talking with some of his party. LS of entire group posing outside Parliament. TILT DOWN from clock on Peace Tower to group in front of Parliament. MCS PAN across group of delegates and premiers.


Excerpt from
Dominion-Provincial Conference
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
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35mm neg b&w
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