STK-ID 8700

Several shots of group of Doukhobours sitting on ground, singing, primitive farm buildings in background, smoke coming up from embers of building that group has burned down. MS of owner, William Hadakin, looking smouldering ruins over. CU of William Hadakin. Shot of home of Vera Nazaroff burned down with her consent. Group of Sons of Freedom Doukhobours singing. CUs of faces. Shots of small group of Doukhobours disrobing down to their waists as policeman questions them. Rear shot of group, one woman completely nude except for stockings, smouldering ruins of buildings in background. Shots of one small building beginning to burn while men stripped to the waist, stand and watch. Shot of policeman still questioning, still taking notes. Various shots of buildings burning fiercely, intercut with shots of partly stripped men. Sequence on men being arrested, getting into cars, police cars driving away. Shot of group of women singing, proceeding downhill away from camera, small settlement visible in distance in valley. Shots of group of women and boys setting fire to another building, of house building. Shot of women being escorted up hill by policeman. HALS of Krestova, plume of smoke rising from burning building. Sequence on meeting outside small community hall, missionary Stefan Zorokin talking. (28/04/1950)


Excerpt from
Doukhobors on the Rampage
British Columbia
National Film Board
Restriction Information
O, b, t, e, n, i, r, , p, e, r, m, i, s, s, i, o, n, /, P, e, r, m, i, s, s, i, o, n, , m, u, s, t, , b, e, , o, b, t, a, i, n, e, d, , f, r, o, m, :, , C, a, n, a, d, i, a, n, , D, o, u, k, b, o, b, o, r, , S, o, c, i, e, t, y, ;, , a, /, s, , L, a, r, r, y, , E, w, a, s, h, e, n, ;, , R, ., R, ., , 1, , S, i, t, e, , 2, ,, , C, o, m, p, a, r, t, m, e, n, t, , B, 4, ;, , C, a, s, t, l, e, g, a, r, ,, , B, ., C, ., , V, 1, N, , 3, H, 7, ;, , T, e, l, /, f, a, x, :, , (, 2, 5, 0, ), , 3, 6, 5, -, 5, 3, 2, 7, ;, , e, m, a, i, l, :, , c, d, s, @, k, o, o, t, c, o, m, ., k, o, o, t, e, n, a, y, ., n, e, t, ;, , W, e, b, , s, i, t, e, :, , w, w, w, ., k, o, o, t, e, n, a, y, ., n, e, t, /, c, d, s, /
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio