STK-ID 9027

MS of old barn. PAN right of man carrying door away from barn. MLS PAN left of group of men and boys picking potatoes in field. ELS of bagging potatoes in field. MCS of man sampling grain, stocking it. MLS of group of men in front of farm buildings. MS of group of boys around Holstein cow. MLS of group of men and boys around two percheron horses in front of farm buildings. MS of cars parked in front of grain storage buildings, sign "Ottawa Valley Grain Products". MCS of boys leading small calves. CU of farmer wearing hat. MS PAN left of large crowd at fair, cattle being judged. MS of group of people, farmers. LS of cars parked in front of big barn. CU of cow's head as it eats grass. MCS of farmer rubbing down cow, building in foreground. MS of boys lining up at fair with their calves, waiting to be judged. CS of Jersey cow, TILT UP to boy owner. MS of boy goading Hereford heifer. MS of line of Herefords at fair. MS, CS of boys brushing their calves. MS of pigs running through corrals. MS of boy mixing feed for cows, cow's head in doorway. CS of boy forcing cow to take spoon of medicine by holding it's nose. MS of boy putting blanket on cow. MS of boy petting cow's head.


Excerpt from
Early Start
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio