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Across the border (00/00/1904): this is one of first "feature" movies made in Canada. It is the story of a plot to steal a necklace and hide it in a dog's collar. The dog was to have crossed the border between Canada and the United States, thus carrying the stolen necklace. The plot develops, the badmen and their bad woman steal the necklace, retire to a trapper's cabin where they plan the swindle. The necklace is placed in the dog's (Spike) collar, but unknown to the bad men, three Customs officials who just happened to be around the trapper's cabin, see them and enter the cabin brandishing pistols. They realize the necklace is in the collar because a note they find says so. Everybody goes to the border where Spike is heading. After much running through the woods and a chase in which Spike out manoeuvres his hunters, they get into a boat and one of them falls into the water. By some strange coincidence, Spike is swimming in the same lake and gets caught by the alerted Customs men. The Customs men return to the cabin and damned if the bandits aren't still waiting, trying obviously to sort the whole thing out. They, of course, are captured by the Customs men and after giving Spike a healthy kick in the pants, they find the necklace in the collar. (Camera: Thomas A Edison) [Complete fiction film]


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Edison Material
National Film Board
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Reel 16 mm, Digital Video Disk, Digital BĂ©tacam
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16mm fine grain b&w, 35mm fine grain b&w
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