STK-ID 9864

MLS PAN left across open stretch of cleared land, bush visible in background. Front MLS of tractor coming towards camera over crest of hill, pulling gang plough. Side shot of tractor pulling binder cutting field of barley. MS of chicken in farm yard. LS looking across open pigsty towards rail fence where farmer is feeding pigs. MS looking down main street of small typical Alberta town, grain elevator visible at end of street. Shot of heavy storm clouds gathering over town. Rear MS of treshing machine, blower firing straw onto stack. Front shot of same. MLS of men, women and children harvesting potatoes in field, putting potatoes in barrels placed at intervals through potato patch. MS of small freighter pulling up alongside pier. Front MS of girl on hands and knees picking potatoes in field. MS of barrels of potatoes being loaded on ship at dock as seen through doorway of warehouse along pier. MS PAN right along front of threshing machine showing self feeder eating sheaves of oats being forked onto it's table. Rear LS of same. Front MCS and PAN left to side shot of woman driving team of horses alongside combine. Front MS and side shot of tractor pulling mowing machine cutting hay field. MS, CU of two women stooking oats in field, dark storm clouds forming in sky in background. TILT DOWN from McLeod Building and Imperial Bank in downtown Edmonton to dilapidated slum house. MCS of pigs going out stockyards via chutes. Shot of man herding them through opens gate, pigs moving on. Front LS of tractor pulling huge binder cutting field of oats in northern Alberta. Rear shot of tractor turning away from camera at end of ridge. Front MLS of man forking sheaves of oats from wagon onto self feeder of thresher. TILT DOWN CU from top to bottom of pipe on thresher used for carrying threshed oats from mill into bags.


Excerpt from
Farm Shooting
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio